GBD Bike Fest 2019

GBD Bike Fest Vol. 4


Ski Hill Ovifat, BE

When creating our bike fest , we asked ourselves what kind of event we would like to participate in , what would be the perfect event for us .

A maximum of riding time, good trails, friends , music, beers, good vibes and repeat !

This is what you get at the GBD Bike Fest !    


A 2 days Bike park opening 

with :

Ski lifts opened to bikes

4-5 Stages for all levels 

A Dual Slalom race



A Camping site

Bike wash

A lot of riding !


Saturday 21/09

Lifts 10h-18h

"Ravito" (Water/food) 12h-18h

18h The Chromag Dual Slalom !

(Supported by Bike the World )

18h-20h BBQ "Pains Saucisse"

20h- ...   Party !!!

Price :

(lifts+supplies all day long, bbq not included)

Saturday Sold out

Sunday Sold Out

2 days Sold Out

Tickets ( Beers/Soft/BBQ) 1.5€

4 Tickets for 5€

Sunday 22/09

Lifts 09h-17h

8h30-10h Café/Croissants

"Ravito" (Water/food) 12h-17h

Music all day long !


The camping zone for tents is only accessible by foot

Camper vans can stay in the parking zone


Bike Helmet , long gloves and knee protections are mandatory but we strongly recommend a full face helmet and a backprotector !

You'll ride at your own risks , pace yourself according to your physical and technical level.

Always do a RECCE run to check the track !