Two days dedicated to our members ,

to thank them for the rides we share, the support and the smiles they give us all year long.


But this Fest is not restricted to our members , every rider and his family is welcome !



Price :

(lifts+supplies all day long)



40€ /2 Days

Member price : 15€/25€


To book your ride,

tranfer xx(see above) to

BE93 0689 0511 1067

(Communication Memberfest+Name+1 or 2days)

AND fill the form below

Sorry...we are sold out !





A 2 days Bike park opening

with :

Ski lifts opened to bikes

4-5 Stages for all levels

A Dual Slalom race

A mini Just-for-fun Enduro race



A Camping site

Bike wash

A lot of riding !



GBD Member Fest Vol. 3




Ski Hill Ovifat, BE




Lifts 10h - 18h

"Ravito" all day long

GBD Dual Slalom 17h-20h

BBq "Pains saucisse" 18h

Music , DJ's , Beers


Café - Croissants 8h

Lifts 9h -15h

Mini-Enduro 11h-13h

"Ravito" all day long

Music , DJ's , Beers

( timetable may change )