Let's enjoy the ride !

"Back in 2013 , a group of friends wanted to find a way to share their passion of riding and enjoy the nature" GBD was born.

Enduro rides , guided tours , trail building

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The GBD team

Always there to ride, to share our passion and have fun !

Aka " Roll "

Webmaster , trail builder , Mechanics

Aka " Lionator"

Hardcore shredder

Aka "Xa"

Trail builder , Dh lover

Aka " Grey shrimp "

trail ninja and Ebike lover!

Aka "Sam le fou"

Frame tester , fast as hell


Aka "Aurel"

Loves when it's steep


Smooth on the bike , hard on the pedals .

Aka "Marich le bucheron"

No ride without goggles!


Aka "Nols"

Rookie of the year

Our Partners

Without them, it wouldn't be the same !